VSI system

  • High-quality components
  • Unique diagnostic software
  • Optimal performance

  • Reduced emissions

No noticeable difference compared to running your vehicle on petrol!

Is there a VSI system for your car?

We can convert all cars with an MPI (multipoint injection) engine to LPG or CNG! The number of LPG and CNG systems for cars with a direct injection fuel system is also growing rapidly.

Thanks to our extensive range of products, we lead the market. We know from experience which system works best for a particular engine. Find out which system suits your car best by searching our database.

The following are the main components that are added to your car when an LPG conversion is installed.

The components that make up our VSI LPG-system are shown below. The main components meet the same standards as OEM-parts, and have been specifically developed for LPG and CNG systems. They satisfy the most demanding regulations and certification standards. 

Prins VSI-2.0 LPG-systeem


1. LPG-tank
2. ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
3. Switch
4. Evaporator (eVP-500)
5. Filter
6. Injectors

*Only a few layout modifications are required to make this Prins VSI LPG system suitable for CNG.

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