We offer various solutions for converting vehicles to LPGCNG or LNG. Thanks to our extensive product range, we can install one of our fuel systems in (almost) all cars, buses, trucks and pick-ups. We can even offer conversions for industrial and marine applications. 

After focusing on universal systems initially, we now concentrate on specific integration by car brand and model.

The number of available LPG and CNG systems for cars with a DI (direct injection) fuel system is growing very fast. Thanks to our extensive delivery program, and our experience in knowing which system works best for a particular engine, we maintain a unique leadership position in the market. Find which system fits your car by using our vehicle database.

Would you like to find out whether we have a system for your car or fleet?

Search our database to find out whether your car can be converted to LPG or CNG! Please contact us if your car is not listed, or if you are interested in an LNG solution!