Engineering at an international level

Innovation is an area of major focus at Prins. We are at the forefront of our field of activity: developing and supplying alternative fuel systems for running vehicles on LPG, CNG or LNG. We are currently active in more than 50 countries. We have developed high-quality technologies such as VSI and Dieselblend for most types of engines, including engines fitted with direct fuel injection. 

engineer Prins Autogas

The innovations introduced by Prins have been widely recognised. We have received many highly acclaimed (industry) awards for our innovations, sustainability achievements and approach to collaboration, including the ‘INPRO’ award, the ‘Automechanika Green Directory and Innovation’ award, the ‘Golden Sustainable Entrepreneur’ award and various partner awards.

Prins differentiates itself through quality, innovation and customer service.
Bart van Aerle - CEO Prins Autogassystemen B.V.