Dieselblend Dual Fuel System

  • High-quality components
  • Unique diagnostic software
  • Optimum performance
  • Reduced emissions

Depending on the type of vehicle and your requirements as a customer, several design options are available for the gas tank configuration.

Is there a Dieselblend Dual Fuel system for your vehicle(s)?

The Dieselblend Dual Fuel system is suitable for all medium- and heavy duty diesel engines. Passenger cars on diesel cannot be converted with this system.

The following are the main components that are added to your vehicle when an LNG conversion is installed.

The components that make up our Dieselblend system are shown below. The main components meet the same standards as OEM parts and have been specifically developed for LPG, CNG and LNG systems. They satisfy the most demanding regulations and certification standards.

Dieselblend Dual Fuel LNG

1. LNG-tank
2. AFC unit (Alternative Fuel Controller)
3. LNG pressure regulator
4. Heat exchanger

5. Filter Injector Unit

LPG Dieselblend Dual Fuel Systeem

Dieselblend Dual Fuel LPG systeem

1. LPG-tank
2. AFC unit (Alternative Fuel Controller)

3. LPG evaporator
4. Filter Unit
5. Manifold Injector Plate

If required, the system can also be equipped with a high pressure gas filter.