VSI-DI system

  • Most advanced software
  • Specially for Direct Injection engines
  • High quality components
  • Maximum performance, minimum emissions 
  • Very low petrol consumption (< 5%)

No noticeable difference compared to running your vehicle on petrol!

Do you require a solution for your car with a DI engine?

The number of LPG and CNG systems for cars equipped with a direct injection engine is growing rapidly. Thanks to our extensive range of products, we are a pioneer in the market. Experience taught us which system works best for a particular engine. Find out which system suits your car best by searching in our vehicle database, or download our DI delivery program in the DI list!

LPG (autogas) conversion | Volkswagen Golf 8 1.5 TSI

The following are the main components that are added to your car when an LPG conversion* is installed.

The components that make up our VSI-DI system are shown below. The main components meet the same standards as OEM-parts, and have been specifically developed for LPG and CNG systems. They satisfy the most demanding regulations and certification standards. 

Prins VSI-2.0 DI LPG-systeem


1. LPG-tank
2. ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
3. Switch
4. Evaporator (eVP-500)
5. Filter
6. Injectors

*Only a few layout modifications are required to make this Prins VSI-DI LPG system suitable for CNG as well.

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