About us

Prins Autogas Pand

Who are we?

Prins was founded in 1986 as a Dutch designer and manufacturer of high-quality alternative fuel systems, such as LPGCNGLNG and Hydrogen.

Prins is a part of Westport Fuel Systems.

Our motto:  

Quality, Innovation and Customer Care,
it's in our nature

Why do customers choose Prins?

  • Award-winning innovations
  • Extensive range for DI engines
  • Dedicated and highly qualified staff
  • Focus on quality and sustainability
  • One-stop shop
  • Worldwide service network

We work closely with fleet owners, (brand) dealers, transport companies and installation stations at home and abroad.

Are you responsible for purchasing several cars or a fleet of vehicles and do you want to contribute to a cleaner environment and save on fuel costs?

We are ready for the future!

Bio-LPG is on the rise!

The chances are that LPG, already a commonly accepted fuel, may become even more widely adopted as a strategy for reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles. Within the next year, Motorists with an LPG system will be able to fill up with LPG mixed with Bio LPG. 

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