ValveCare is a unique additive metering system that prevents valve wear and valve seat wear. It has been developed exclusively for this purpose, and is subjected to extensive testing. ValveCare is suitable for almost all Prins systems.

Why should you use ValveCare? 

The valves and valve seats in a number of engines are more susceptible to wear when they run on LPG or CNG. This problem does not arise with petrol engines because petrol contains specific additives that lubricate the valves and valve seats. These additives are not present in LPG and CNG. The ValveCare metering system injects these additives in exactly metered quantities together with the LPG or CNG to prevent excessive wear. 

Download the ValveCare manual here.

Benefits at a glance

• Suitable for all engines fitted with a Prins system, except from direct injection engines
• Precisely metered quantity of ValveCare at all times based on actual fuel consumption
• Cost-effective in use thanks to precise calculation of the required quantity
• Reduced valve wear and valve seat wear
• Fully automatic operation (switch-on - metering - switch-off)
• Also suitable for turbo engines
• Also effective when the engine is subjected to heavy loads
• Unique distribution unit ensures identical lubrication in all cylinders
• Empty ValveCare reservoir indicated by the Prins switch on the dashboard