The ValveCare system is an electronically controlled dosing system for petrol engines (MPI, DPI, DI, DI-MPI) that are converted to LPG or CNG. Together with the Prins ValveCare additive, the system aids to keep the combustion chamber cleaner, and to reduce wear of valves, valve seats and the petrol injectors.

Why should you use ValveCare? 

The valves and valve seats in a number of engines are more susceptible to wear when they run on LPG or CNG. This problem does not arise with petrol engines because petrol contains specific additives that lubricate the valves and valve seats. These additives are not present in LPG and CNG. The ValveCare-DI metering system injects these additives in exactly metered quantities together with the LPG or CNG to prevent excessive wear.

Download ValveCare-3 flyer.


How to use ValveCare?

The additive ValveCare has a consumption ratio of 1 liter additive on 1.000 liter LPG. The additive-reservoir can be refilled at any time. In case the additive reservoir is empty, the Prins switch will indicate a blue exclamation mark (blinking), and the engine can run another 4 hours on LPG. After this period the engine does only run on petrol and the  exclamation mark will stay visible. Filling up the additive-reservoir will make driving on LPG possible again.

ValveCare additive:

• One bottle of ValveCare (1L) is sufficient for approx. 1.000 liter fuel.
• Do not use or mix other additive with the original Blue Prins ValveCare additive. Use of other additive can harm the system
and warranty will directly expire.
• For more information please contact your official Prins installer.

ValveCare-3 system components

ValveCare-3 is completely integrated in the Prins LPG/CNG system. The Prins ValveCare additive has proven to be reliable, effective and efficient. Your car will only have additive consumption when running on LPG/CNG.

The following components will be installed in the engine compartment of your car:
1. The computer: to ensure system control;
2. The injectors: to inject the correct amount of ValveCare per cylinder;
3. The additive-reservoir: for the ValveCare fluid.


The additive-reservoir can be refilled easily at any time. In case the reservoir is empty, the Prins Fuel Selector Switch will indicate a blue blinking exclamation mark. As long as the exclamation ark is blinking you can continue your journey on LPG/CNG, but make sure to refill soon. You can buy this ValveCare bottle at your local Prins workshop. One bottle of ValveCare (1L) is sufficient for approx. 1.000 liter fuel. Do not use or mix other additives with the original blue Prins ValveCare additive.

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