CNG is the abbreviation for ‘Compressed Natural Gas’. 

Driving on CNG

CNG is one of the cleanest fuels; when burned, it emits fewer harmful gases and less fine particulate matter compared to petrol. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 20%. In the case of a diesel vehicle, this reduction can be as much as 75%. In addition, when running on CNG, your vehicle emits up to 30% less NOx in comparison to diesel.

Green gas, the sustainable variant of natural gas, is produced by upgrading bio gas to natural gas quality. Green gas is produced by fermenting plant waste, pruning waste, sewage sludge and manure. 

A further advantage of CNG is the price difference compared to petrol and diesel; CNG is a lot cheaper. So you save on your fuel costs. These savings vary per vehicle and driver.

We also offer solutions for LPG and LNG.

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Considering a CNG conversion for your vehicle?

Running your vehicle on CNG contributes to a cleaner living environment!

The advantages of CNG as a fuel:

  • More environmentally friendly operation than diesel or petrol
  • Fuel cost savings
  • A greater driving range