A Prins system for cars

  • High-quality components and systems
  • Worldwide service network
  • Optimum integration in your car
  • Reduced emissions

No noticeable difference compared to running your vehicle on petrol. Lower fuel costs and lower emissions are design objectives for all our systems. 

Systems for the latest-generation DI engines

The automotive industry continues to develop at a phenomenal rate: in addition to all the new developments in the area of electric cars, manufacturers continue to modernize and upgrade their conventional combustion engines. Car manufacturers use all kinds of techniques to achieve this. However, the main efficiency and fuel economy gains have been achieved through the use of Direct Injection (DI) technology.

 In view of all the sensors and software used on engines of this type, equipping this latest generation of DI engines with an effective and efficient LPG or CNG system is extremely challenging. Prins is very successful in this area and the extensive list of suitable systems for the most modern DI engines continues to grow every month.

Today’s driving needs...

The driving needs of the future! 

  • Hybrid cars can also be converted to LPG!
  • Bio LPG or renewable LPG is increasingly available!