BMW M340i on LPG - video tour about the LPG system in this powerhouse with 375HP

This BMW M340 series with the latest generation 3 liter Straight-Six/inline-6 DI engine, is converted to LPG (Autogas). Originally the car would drive on petrol – the expensive fossil fuel we all know. Because the installation of an additional LPG-system in the car, this BMW is able to run on LPG instead of petrol. You may be curious why you would want to convert your car to LPG?  The solution is pretty obvious. There are two main drivers: saving money on fuel costs, and driving more environmentally friendly. The more you drive, the more savings it will bring you.

BMW M340i with 3 liter V6 DI engine on Prins LPG (Autogas)

This exciting car with exceptional performance offers lots of space and comfort. Both for long distance cruising and the shorter, more sporty trips. If this car benefits from driving on LPG, your car will certainly profit as well. Are you ready to make the transition to LPG?

In the video below, our colleague John Wouters discusses the advantages of driving on LPG with this BMW M340i, taking you on a tour of the vehicle and demonstrating the LPG system's components.

Would you want to learn more about how you can save money on fuel costs, while also helping to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions? The VSI-3 DI LPG system is accessible globally through a network of licensed and qualified Prins dealers. Check if your car can be converted to LPG Autogas.

BMW M340i | Check out this powerhouse on LPG autogas | 2021

Let's look inside
The fuel selector switch is located inside the car. Mounted in the dashboard, it is the most visible component of the system. The LED indicators - that can be fully customized to the colors of your preference – represent how much LPG is in the tank. They show how far you can drive before you need to refuel.

You can use the fuel selector switch to go from driving on LPG to petrol and vice versa.

The main components
The fuel selector switch does not operate on its own. It corresponds to the LPG computer mounted under the hood of this car. This computer is considered as the "heart of the system." It ensures overall system control and is linked to the other system components. Under the hood we will find these main components:  The LPG reducer (eVP-500), which converts the liquid gas into vapor, the filter unit ensures the quality of the fuel, and the Keihin injectors inject LPG into the engine.

LPG tank
Aside from these components under the hood, the LPG system also contains an LPG tank in the car's trunk. This tank can (nearly always be installed in the spare wheel compartment, without losing any of the trunk space. The LPG tank in this BMW M340i stores up to 55 liters of LPG, giving it a driving range of almost 500 kilometers.

The adapter that is positioned next to the petrol filling point, enables you to simply fill the LPG tank. Please be aware that there are different (4) LPG adapters being used worldwide. If you travel overseas, you might need to use a different adaptor. So it's best to store them all in your car. The adapter is very easy to use; simply twist it on, attach the LPG filling gun, and start refueling.

We are ready… are you?

Now that John has shown you how easy the Prins LPG VSI-3 DI system works, you may be wondering if your car is also suitable for the more environmentally friendly and cleaner LPG.

So do you want to know if your car can be easily converted to LPG?