Update DI list


Prins expands DI (direct injection) delivery program!

1.000+ models
A new record! 1.000+ models on the Prins DI-list! We are proud to share this update of our impressive DI (Direct Injection) delivery program, and it is also updated with our new R115 certifications based on WLTP testing; for cars since 1 September 2018 on the market.

Highlights of the new DI-list:
Updated R115 information related to new WLTP certificates
Hyundai & Kia models 1.4 & 1.6 (T)-GDI models
Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI
Chevrolet Camaro 2.0T
Mazda 2.0 Skyactiv models with VSI-2.0 DI

We offer a 'VSI-2.0 DI'- or a 'DLM'-system for these models. Make sure to check the complete list for all the models that are included in our DI delivery program! With this extensive range Prins maintains its unique position.

Download: Click here to download our complete DI delivery program: DI LIST.