Toyota Kluger on LPG

Prins Alternative Fuel Systems in the Netherlands has developed an Autogas system to suit the latest engine for the Toyota Kluger, a popular SUV in Australia using the Prins VSI-2.0 DI system.

The 3.5 V6 engine that powers the latest model of the Toyota Kluger is special because it uses both MPI and DI injection technology. This injection technology is one of the latest changes OEM’s, such as Toyota, are using in their engines.

Together with its local partner Prins Australia and Autogas fuel supplier Unigas, Prins optimized the Toyota Kluger, to enable lower fuel cost and emissions like CO2 and particulates.

The technology is specifically calibrated for bi-fuel operation (LPG and petrol), the driver will experience an extended driving range without losing storage space and any power loss.

John Coggins, National Autogas Manager, Unigas says: “we are pleased that Prins has developed this system and able to convert the Toyota Kluger using Autogas and anticipate a positive take up in sales, especially from the taxi fleets as this vehicle is typically used for the large vehicle 7-seater taxi fleets in Australia.

Patrick Papoutsis, sales and technical director Prins Australia: “We have a comprehensive service & installation network nationwide which ensures our customers are supported for trouble free motoring particular for large Taxi fleets.”

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Toyota Kluger
Toyota Kluger
Toyota Kluger
Toyota Kluger