In the spotlight: Ygraeriokinisi Autogas Hellas

Prins official distributor in Greece

Do you know our Prins customer in Greece? Our long-standing partnership with Ygraeriokinisi Autogas Hellas ensures that they know who Prins is, what we offer and how our LPG systems work. The Ygraeriokinisi Autogas Hellas team is well trained and is in close contact with almost all LPG installers in Greece. For an LPG driver, it means reliable and economical driving with innovative, high-quality LPG systems.

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Ygraeriokinisi Autogas Hellas: 
Ygraeriokinisi Autogas Hellas is a family-run business, installing and promoting LPG Systems since 1978. As an official Prins importer in Athens (GR) and distributor of Prins LPG and CNG systems, it was the first in Greece to apply new technologies by the largest companies in the gas field. Our father, the founder, Christos Birbos was the pioneer who foresaw the potential of LPG as an alternative fuel system in the Greek market. Following his steps, in 2017 we, his children Konstantinos and Stathis Birbos, expanded our business into importing, installing and maintaining innovative systems by the leading Dutch company PRINS Autogas Systems B.V. as exclusive representatives in Greece. 

Targeting at safety, innovation, economy and ecology we always aim higher. Offering affordable prices, the best know-how and a credible after sales service we are now acclaimed professionals and have won a very competitive market. Yet, we never stop evolving. Ygraeriokinisi, holds educational and training seminars for its technicians regarding the latest technological developments in LPG and natural gas. Our 40-year expertise and international certifications guarantee the longevity and optimal function of each and every system we install. Hundreds of our satisfied customers confirm that. If you are the best, you only want to work with the best. So, we are looking forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration with PRINS Autogas Systems.