In the spotlight: BRC Bulgaria

Do you know our Prins customer in Bulgaria?

Our official partnership ensures that they know who Prins is, what we offer and how our LPG systems work. The BRC Bulgaria team is well trained and is in close contact with almost all LPG installers in Bulgaria. For an LPG driver, it means reliable and economical driving with innovative, high-quality LPG systems.

BRC Bulgaria Prins importer

About BRC Bulgaria

The company is a representative BRC Gas Equipment since 1998. In the year 2019, BRC Bulgaria also started as an official Prins importer and distributor. They sell a wide range of PRINS LPG systems for installation, maintenance and servicing with two authorized workshops in Sofia and Plovdiv. With its team of young, motivated, and qualified specialists, it is one of the leading companies offering gas systems on the Bulgarian market.  

The company focuses on large car fleets and Prins systems are the choice of all leading car dealers nation-wide. The company has successful partnerships with: Skoda, VW, Kia, Citroen, Peugeot, Ssang Yong to install systems on new pre-sale cars, OEM type.

BRC Bulgaria Ltd. has two workshops in Sofia and Plovdiv, as well as over fifty LPG installers throughout the country. The workshops employ over twenty highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in converting internal combustion engines to LPG and CNG. Their service engineers specialize in working on so-called "difficult" cars that require a more unconventional approach. Company specialists have covered all trainings and have the relevant certificates for working with all systems and diagnostic tools.

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