Recap | Prins 35 year anniversary celebration

On Friday 10 September 2021 we celebrated Prins' 35th anniversary in an international online event for our customers and some stakeholders. Several speakers shared great memories, achievements and visions on the future.

For this online ‘party’, we invited Mr. David M. Johnson, CEO Westport Fuel Systems and Mr. James Rockall, CEO and Managing Director WLPGA, the World LPG Association to share some thoughts with us all. Some of our colleagues in Prins who you may know, also shared their thoughts and appreciation, like Bart van Aerle (General Manager), Roger Konings (Director Operations and Procurement), Luis Fernández (Account/Product Manager HD), Jeroen Visscher (LD/MD Technical Director), John Wouters (Sales Director) and Angelique Berden (Corporate Marketing and Communications Director).

We really appreciate that many of you celebrated this milestone together with us, and joined the 'online party'! We had a great time, and hope that you did too. We are very grateful for receiving your congratulatory messages, nice pictures and special gifts. Thank you for making this an unforgettable experience for all of us!

If you were unable to join the online event, you can watch the recording below.

Watch the recording of Prins' 35 year online party

Several quotes

Bart van Aerle: "It has been a unique experience to see the company grow from where we started and where we are today. With all the ups but also downs, and never a day the same. Never a dull moment at Prins. I am blessed to be part of the Prins team for the last 22 years, and I am proud every day to work with all the great people around the world. I want to thank all of you for your contribution to 35 years of Prins."

Roger Konings: "Due to the development of the MPI engine, Prins needed a new solution. We came in contact with Yas Shimada from Keihin. We visited Japan, and signed an exclusive big contract for co-operation to work with their LPG injectors. A big gamble for both the companies, but is still contributes to Prins' successes today."

Luis Fernández: "Our heavy duty business started with really small skill projects back in 2009. We experienced a lot of challenges over the years. It has been a long path with several trial and errors. But we are proud to have a 100% dedicated product that is used by a wide variety of customers."

Jeroen Visscher: "Twelve years ago I started at Prins on project basis, and I fell in love with the company on day one. I met the people, felt the atmosphere, energy and drive, and was directly hooked. Innovation is key for the Prins organization. Major developments for light- and medium duty vehicles have been our DI (direct injection) developments. During these developments I have really seen how strong we are as a team. Prins and all our partners working together to achieve successes."

John Wouters: "What I really like is that the most customers of ten years ago are still our customers today. It creates a sort of family feeling: The Prins Family. I really like to visit our customers all over the world to share ideas, and keep improving our solutions. Me and my colleagues will continue the journey in order to stay the best at alternative fuel systems."

Angelique Berden: "In the ten years that I am in the company, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people all over the world. Thank you for co-operating also on the marketing side. Because marketing it is not a 1-men's job, and together we achieve greater results."