Prins will be joining the European Liquid Gas Congress 18-20 June in Lyon

Prins | Westport Fuel Systems is a member of Liquid Gas Europe (LGE), the European LPG association to stay informed about government plans and regulations. But actually the LPG Association delivers so much more, not only to us (about Autogas) but to the whole LPG industry. LGE, based in Brussels, is managed by Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, general manager of Liquid Gas Europe. In an interview with the American online magazine LPGas she expresses the activities and developments within the European Industry. Read the full interview here:

Prins will be joining the European Liquid Gas Congress in Lyon (France) taking place from 18-20 June. The 2024 program brings a lot of novelties and is designed to provide a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing, featuring keynotes from leading industry experts, interactive panel discussions, technical workshops and exhibitions showcasing the latest technological innovations. Attendees will be able to engage in insightful conversations and connect with industry peers. Angelique Berden, our Marketing and Communications Director will be moderating on June 19th, the Autogas session: Understanding and addressing Autogas Consumers. On Thursday 20 June Filippo de Cecco will lead the session The Future of Autogas, with Eglantine Borel of Borel Systeme Gaz Carburants among others.

Learn more about the event and the Networking opportunities. It might be interesting for you as well;

Join the European Liquid Gas Congress 18-20 June 2024