Prins nominated for the Global Innovation Award at Global Technology Conference 2020



Prins Autogassystemen BV, is finalist at the Global Technology Conference (GTC) 2020 that will be held during e-LPG Week from 2-6 November 2020 online and organized by the World LPG Association (WLPGA). E-LPG Week is a fully virtual event which allows for everyone from everywhere to connect with the LPG industry online. Prins is selected out of many participants to present and explain its innovation to a worldwide audience; The VSI-3 DI LPG system. This LPG system is unique and futureproof, offering a universal solution for a wide variety of vehicles of the latest automotive technology, complying with global emission standards.

The prestigious WLPGA Global Innovation Award will be given to the most outstanding paper. Additional Awards will also be given to subject category winners.

The Prins VSI-3 DI LPG system offers a universal solution for a wide variety of vehicles of the latest automotive technology, complying with the latest global emission standards like Euro 6D WLTP and certifications like R115/EPA. The system is of high quality, extremely efficient (petrol use <5%), higher performing, providing a smooth driving experience, just like a normal petrol car. By driving on LPG (Autogas) one saves fuel costs, sometimes hundreds of Euro per year, and saves the environment by lowering CO2 (21%) and particles emissions (up to 95%). The system is available now, worldwide, at the official Prins installers.

Prins speaking session
Date: Wednesday, 4th November 2020
Speaker: Angelique Berden, Marketing and Communications Director
Session Time: 15:10 – 16:10 (CET)
Session Title: GTC Part 2: Technology Driving Growth
Abstract Title: Beyond the Latest Engineering

About the Global Technology Conference, GTC
The Global Technology Conference (GTC), created and launched in 2006 in Chicago by the World LPG Association (WLPGA), is the only global conference dedicated to technology and innovation in the LPG industry. GTC is now an integral part of LPG Week. GTC2020 will take place virtually from the 3rd - 5th November 2020. GTC2020 will showcase the most innovative and original technological ideas across the LPG industry from around the world.

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Introducing the revolutionary VSI-3 DI LPG system