Prins delivers LPG technology for taxi fleet in the Phillipines

Phoenix converts Iloilo taxi fleet to auto LPG

Phoenix LPG Philippines Inc., the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) arm of Phoenix Petroleum Philippines Inc. (PPPI), is converting over 200 registered fuel-powered vehicles operating in Iloilo City and nearby provinces to auto gas-powered cars.

This after Phoenix LPG signed a conversion deal with GDR Taxi, one of the biggest taxi fleets in the region.
Phoenix LPG partnered with Clean Vehicle Solutions (Asia) Ltd. (Cleva)—a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in fuel delivery, installation, and maintenance of LPG equipment—to use its Prins Technology for the auto LPG-conversion project with GDR Taxi.

In Decembre, Phoenix had already converted 48 out of the 215 GDR taxi units into auto LPG-powered vehicles, and the project is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2020.

“To complement our credible and efficient Phoenix Super LPG for home cooking, we are extending our brand’s offering to motorists through Phoenix Auto LPG, our very own clean-burning and high-octane green fuel."

“Since it is more affordable, readily available and portable, auto LPG is the most viable and credible alternative to the conventional fuels we use today,” PPPI Chief Operating Officer Henry Albert Fadullon said.

Gas, being available in many parts of the world, will allow us to diversify and stabilize our energy sources as we help the country better secure its energy requirements,” Fadullon said.

He also stated that the genset technology will allow the use of propane-rich LPG as a transition fuel, while the availability of LNG is still being developed. Phoenix LPG will supply propane-rich LPG the feed-stock to the Mesa gensets.