NEW: ValveCare-DI


We are proud to introduce one of our latest developments: the new ValveCare-DI system.

Introduction ValveCare-DI
The ValveCare-DI system differs from the ‘ValveCare system’ in our additive product range. It is a system that protects and cleans the combustion chamber, valves & valve seats and the petrol injectors of Direct Injection (DI) engines. ValveCare-DI is particularly developed for the Prins VSI-2.0 DI LPG system.
Field experience has pointed out that, in some cases, DI engines (combustion chambers) can pollute excessively, and petrol injectors suffer from carbon deposits (contamination). Also valves and valve seats show excessive wear in a few cases. To help preventing this, Prins developed a solution: the new generation ValveCare-DI system. A user friendly system with a high effective additive, perfectly controlled, dosing system.

Benefits of the ValveCare-DI system
- Easily refillable additive reservoir
- Self-diagnosis on inbuilt components
- Only additive consumption while running on LPG
- Easy installation with a push-fit system
- New look aligned with Prins additive ‘Care’ product family (ValveCare-DI & InjectorCare)
- Multilanguage product label

More information about cars with a DI (direct injection) engine
Almost all new cars are equipped with a direct injection engine management system. This means that the fuel is sprayed straight into the combustion chamber. For these type of cars, Prins developed the VSI-DI LPG-systems (Vapour Sequential Injection* – Direct Injection). This system is based on the principle of converting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas (CNG) to vapour before injecting it into a DI-engine.

Compared to other competitors in the market, Prins offers reliable fuel systems for a wide range of vehicles. These VSI-2.0 DI systems consume very little petrol (< 5%), and are suitable for both the latest car types and cars that have already been on the road for several years.

*Vapour Sequential Injection means that the fuel injected sequentially (in a fixed, set quantity per cylinder) in the combustion chamber of the engine.