New record! 1.000+ models on DI-list!

1.000+ Prins DI models

A new record! 1.000+ models on the Prins DI-list! We are proud to share this update of our impressive DI (Direct Injection) delivery program.

Highlights of the recently developed new LPG & CNG systems for the latest DI engines:

  • Porsche Macan 2.0
  • New VAG 1.5 TSI models (DPCA)
  • New VAG 2.0 TSI models (DKNA)
  • BMW 1.5 (B38B15A)
  • PSA 1.2 THP & 1.6 THP models
  • Volvo 2.0T (B4204T)

We offer a 'VSI-2.0 DI'- or a 'DLM'-system for these models. Make sure to check the complete list for all the models that are included in our DI delivery program! With this extensive range Prins maintains its unique position.

Download the list!
The complete list of available systems and solutions are here for you to download.