European LPG e-Congres 2021

Liquid Gas Europe is organising the European LPG e-Congress, a three-day event where speakers will focus on how LPG and renewable gases, like bioLPG, can play a significant role in the energy transition and the EU Green Deal.

The event will showcase industry innovation, cultivate business ideas, share knowledge and best practices, and set the course for the future of the industry.

On behalf of Westport Fuel Systems and Prins, our colleagues Angelique Berden and John Wouters are attending this event. On Wednesday from 11:15-12:30 (CET) Angelique is moderator and John is taking part as panellist in ‘European Air Quality – addressing emissions from the existing vehicle fleet’. Angelique is also participating as speakers in the session ‘Future of LPG – where are we heading to and what have we learned?‘ on Thursday 14:00-15:00hrs (CET). Click here for more information about the program, and to register. 

The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the role that LPG and bioLPG can play in achieving the decarbonisation targets in the Green Deal, to provide a future outlook on the market, give operational and strategic insights from the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, and to reinforce the importance of the LPG industry.

On agenda such topics as:

  • What Energy Mix is Needed for a Sustainable Europe? Role of Lower Carbon Gaseous Fuels
  • Scaling Up Renewable LPG Production
  • LPG Applications of the Future
  • European Air Quality Crisis – Addressing Emissions from the Existing Vehicle Fleet
  • LPG and Future Fuels
  • Innovation and Modernisation: Lessons Learned With Low Carbon ? 
  • Session Seven:  Future of LPG - where are we heading to and what have we learned?

Will you also join this event on 28-30 September?