Discover the new platform: Autogas for Fleets

Prins together with its partners in North America (Alliance Autogas in The USA and MaxQuip in Canada) has launched a non-branded website where information is being shared regarding opportunities for Fleets to drive on Autogas.

Autogas is the name used for the Automotive applications of the fuel source Propane or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). It is also widely known as: “Auto Propane”, “LPGas” or “Propane Autogas”. Autogas is the most used alternative fuel worldwide. 

This website explains what Autogas is, and what its benefits are for organizations with a vehicle Fleet. The benefits of driving on Autogas and case studies are presented in an educational and informative, unbiased way not constraint by brands. Autogas is given a stage as a proven fuel solution for Fleets operated by Municipalities, First Responders and Transit, Package Delivery and Propane Industry companies.

Autogas for Fleets showcases how proven, versatile, advanced and successful Autogas business is, reinforcing credibility, by combining Canadian and American successes. The platform is endorsed by associations such as the CPA, PERC and WLPGA. When visiting the website, it is easy to reach out for more information or contact a reliable partner.

Update: 17 May, 2023 is a place to go, and can be used as a reference.

Advertising autogas for fleets website in BPN magazine