Can your car be converted to LPG?


Prins LPG or CNG system for your vehicle?

Prins keeps extending its range of certified LPG and CNG systems for Direct Injection (DI) engines for both new and occasion passenger cars, SUV and trucks. With that, Prins maintains the position of leader worldwide in offering a wide range of products for car drivers who are cost conscious and care about the environment.

There are no noticeable differences compared to running your vehicle on petrol. Lower fuel costs and lower emissions are design objectives for all our systems. All our systems and components are certified to R67, R110 and/or R10. In addition, most systems comply with the emission-related G3 and R115 regulations.

What car do you drive? In our vehicle database you can check if there is an LPG or CNG system available for your vehicle. If it appears so, you may request an offer, or check with our installers what about the costs and how beneficial it is to you. We are pleased to support you and wish you happy driving.

If there is not yet a solution for your car, please contact us as well. Prins continuously develops new LPG and CNG systems for cars fitted with the most modern direct injection engines.

Cars on LPG
Alfa on LPG
Alfa on LPG
Troc on LPG
Chevrolet on LPG
Audi on LPG
F-150 on LPG
Hyundai on LPG
Kia on LPG
Velar on LPG
Volkswagen Golf on LPG
Volkswagen Troc on LPG
Cars on LPG