Autogas Day 2023 - worldwide more attention for LPG as a fuel

Friday, November 17 we celebrated Autogas Day. A day on which the benefits of driving on Autogas (LPG) are highlighted to various target groups such as motorists, companies, politicians, media, butalso to employees at gas stations, system suppliers and other stakeholders in the industry. #AutogasDay did not only receive attention online. During the Autogas Day conference in Rome, as part of LPGWeek, politicians and industry entered into discussions. There was also an 'Autogas Village', where various LPG vehicles were exhibited, including a BMW, a Jeep, a Fiat 500, a DR, a Ford and a Dacia Jogger.

LPG makes cars drive more affordable and cleaner compared to those that run on petrol. So, driving on Autogas (LPG) might be a good idea. It is a way of contributing to a cleaner environment, while saving money on fuel costs.

BMW X4 Mild Hybrid on LPG on display

At the Autogas Village in Rome, organized by the World Liquid Gas Association (WLGA), the BMW X4 Mild Hybrid stole the show. This fast car drives on LPG in Italy with the Prins VSI-3 DI LPG system. The performance of the car does not deteriorate on LPG, it runs cleaner and cheaper.

BMW in Autogas Village at LPG Week
Autogas Day 2023 panel discussion

Conference in Rome

During LPG Week politicians, researchers, media and industry debated with each other in various panel discussions about the current markets and the future. On November 17, Autogas Day, 19 speakers from 13 countries shared their experience and point of view. Marco Seimandi, VP IAM Sales of Westport Fuel Systems participated as a panelist. In particular South American and African countries showed interest in Autogas. They have already become acquainted with LPG for cooking and now also want to use the cheaper and cleaner LPG (Autogas) for driving. Especially because electric transport is too expensive and not available.

Drawing attention to Autogas remains important

“Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel worldwide. It is available, easy and safe to use, emits less CO2, NOx and particulate matter, and is much cheaper than gasoline. There are more than 28 million cars on the road worldwide that consume 25 million tons of LPG per year. Affordable mobility remains important for people, especially for those who do not live in the city. Autogas makes a significant contribution to a cleaner environment. Various initiatives and actual deliveries of renewable LPG have been started, which makes LPG future-proof."


Said by Angelique Berden, Director Project Support Core Business of Westport Fuel Systems in the Netherlands. She was moderator during the Autogas Day conference on November 17, 2023.

Autogas Day 2023 - LPGWeek in Rome

LPG Week Autogas Village
LPG Week Autogas Village BMW
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LPG Week Autogas Day
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