Autogas Day - 18 November 2022

Mark your calendar for #AutogasDay! This year's event will be held on Friday November 18th, promoting the benefits of driving on Autogas worldwide. 

This year Autogas Day is also part of LPG Week. The conference is held in New Delhi, focussing on exciting innovations, key applications involving people and pertinent issues that drive policy support and the case for Autogas. Alongside this conference, there will also be local activities organized to promote Autogas as a fuel.

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1. Contributes to a cleaner environment (less CO2, particulate matter and NOx emissions);
2. Is a more economical fuel than petrol or diesel;
3. Can be used immediately for relatively low investments;
4. is available at a wide network of fuel stations;
5. Ensures sustainability of the existing fleet;
6. Helps to relieve the electricity network;
7. Can be widely used in mobility for the existing and new fleet.

Contact your local distributor for more information.

Click here for more info about LPG Week.

LPG Week New Delhi 2022