National Autogas Day

On the 24th of November 2018, the Platform Autogas organized the ‘National Autogas Day' to inform Dutch people about driving on Autogas (LPG), and the advantages.

Autogas directly contributes to reducing the Co2-emission and the particular matter. It also contributes to achieving the climate goals. Besides that, the technology and infrastructure are widely available.

At 52 locations in the Netherlands, LPG distributors and dozens of filling stations have distributed flyers and they have spoken to people on the national Autogas Day. Various articles have appeared in the news media, and also on the radio broadcast. Many people have been informed through several ways including social media. As one of the key players in the industry, we, together with our partners, have contributed highly to making this day a success. “In the end, we would like to inform people about this solution, which is widely available and much cheaper than you might think. Recent test reports show the reduction of emissions, the government should take that into account”, says Angelique Berden, Marketing Director of Prins Autogassystemen. “If we were to start with the existing car fleet that runs on petrol now, it would be a great step. The soon to be available BioLPG, which can be used with the existing LPG installation, makes an even greater contribution to reducing emissions."

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