LPG Reducer

• R67-01 & CSA homologated
• Compact design: Ø125*95mm
• Solid design: tested with 60 bar burst pressure
• Black anodised aluminium
• Membranes & Vulcanised Seat & O-rings: tested in several conditions under temperatures from -30ºC till +120º C (other specs optional)
• Over pressure is vented via 6mm hose to inlet manifold
• Adjustable pressure: 1,7 –2,6 Bar
• System pressure control with single stage valve.
• System pressure is independent to inlet pressure (MAP). (This is due to linear flow character of injector).
• Optional MAP connection. (for turbo charged engines).
• Very Stable dynamic pressure behaviour compared to other single stage reducers.
• Flexible lock off valve both standard as BFC as well.
• Integrated temperature sensor. (NTC resistor, R=2500 ohm at 20°C).