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Alliance AutoGas delivers the only complete program to help U.S. fleets switch to the world’s most proven alternative fuel, propane autogas. From consulting with fleet managers, to vehicle technology deployment, from permitting and site preparation, to installation of fueling infrastructure and fuel supply, Alliance handles every step of the process; so making the switch is seamless for fleet personnel.

Autogas technology is proven and popular, with more than 18 million vehicles running on autogas worldwide to make it the most widely used alternative fuel on the planet. Alliance AutoGas has years of experience at implementing autogas programs in one comprehensive package, through its founding partner Blossman Gas and its vast network. Alliance AutoGas fueling partners have been selected from the premier independent propane companies in the United States.

Blossman Gas, is the country’s largest independent propane distributor the lead fuel supplier of the Alliance AutoGas network. Founded in 1951, Blossman has grown from one truck and one office to serve over 130,000 customers from Virginia to Mississippi. Its standing as the 10th largest propane dealer in the nation has enhanced its ability to deliver the best customer service in the industry. Blossman’s experience with autogas vehicle fueling extends over 40 years.

Blossman’s autogas portfolio includes work with thousands of fleet vehicles; development of a statewide, 115-station autogas fueling infrastructure for the State of Indiana in three months; and their role as the primary fueling and infrastructure provider for a government backed 1,000 vehicle+ autogas program in the United States.

Blossman d/b/a Alliance, was also recently selected by the State of Virginia as one of two alternative fuel suppliers, and the only autogas program, to assist in the Governor’s state-wide program to transition all 15,000 state-owned vehicle fleets to alternative fuels. Alliance AutoGas and Blossman Gas have significant experience with private sector fleets. Alliance has begun several notable private-sector autogas-fueling pilot programs with large national corporations across multiple U.S. states and Canada.

Most recently Blossman has launched Blossman Services, Inc. as the primary technology and training in arm of Alliance AutoGas. Through the creation of Blossman Services, Inc. Alliance has launched a state-of-the-art U.S. Autogas Technology Center at Alliance headquarters in Asheville, N.C. and established an exclusive distribution agreement with Prins Alternative Fuel Systems for the United States.

Lead by Alliance AutoGas President and Blossman Gas CEO Stuart Weidie, Alliance brings Prins autogas fueling technology to vehicle fleets of all sizes across the United States and Canada.

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