Prins was the first company in the market to introduce a gaseous injection system for passenger cars. Over the years this original design has been further developed into a fully integrated “master-slave” with the petrol management system, providing a seamless transition between driving on petrol or gas.

The new Prins Vapourized Sequential Injection System has been developed in such a way that, with very few component changes, it can be used for both LPG and CNG applications. It is also suitable for the latest generation Direct Injection engines (VSI-DI system). Click here for availabilty of the VSI-DI system. The VSI System has the following advantages:

• Only one single ECU is required for up to and including 10 cylinder engines
• Vehicles with engine capacities ranging from 700cc to 6.0 liters can use the same pressure reducer
• Excellent emission reduction results

With LPG and CNG fuel available in most countries for less than half the cost of unleaded petrol, converting vehicles to these fuels will result in significant reductions in running costs for private motorists and fleet users alike. The after-market conversion costs can be recovered, in most cases, within 18 months or much faster if Government subsidies and tax incentives are available.

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