Prins Autogassystemen showing its latest products during the “26th World LP Gas Forum” in London

Eindhoven, 25 Sept 2013 – From 1st-3rd October Prins Autogassystemen B.V. together with its Group partner SHV Energy will show its latest alternative fuel systems during the annual World LP Gas Forum. The systems are the Prins VSI-2.0 system, Prins Direct LiquiMax-2.0 and the Prins Dieselblend-2.0 system. With these systems one can drive on LP Gas (Autogas) and therefore save fuel costs drastically and lower emissions like CO2 (up to 15%) and particles (up to 90%), without losing performance and drivability. Prins and SHV Energy can be visited at booths 3.151, 3.152, 3.158, 3.159 in “The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre” in London (UK).

World LP Gas Global Technology Conference
During the Global Technology Conference (GTC) that will be held simultaneous with the World LP Gas Forum Mr Jasper van Sambeek, Product Manager Dieselblend of Prins Autogassystemen, will present the innovative aspects of the Prins Dieselblend 2.0 system that is designed for heavy duty vehicles. This system makes it possible for trucks, driving on Dual Fuel: diesel and LP Gas minimizing downtime but enjoying the lower fuel cost and CO2, NOx and particles emission reductions. The presentation is scheduled on Tuesday 1st of October at 10.45 AM in the Conference Centre.

Porsche Panamera Turbo driving on LP Gas (Autogas)
As Prins is specialized in high quality alternative fuel systems for 4, 6 , 8 and even 10 cylinder cars the company will show one of its flagships in the Porsche Panamera V8 Turbo with VSI-2.0 DI-LPG system outside the Conference Centre. It is a system for the latest Direct Injection (DI) engines that are known for its high power output.

Bart van Aerle, CEO of Prins Autogassystemen: “it is our company goal to develop alternative fuel systems for a wide variety of vehicles and getting the best performance. In September 2012 we won the “Automechanika Innovation award and the Automechanika Green Directory award” for our Direct LiquiMax system for cars with DI engines. Now it is great to see we succeeded in developing superb performing systems for even the Porsche Panamera Turbo. At Europe’s biggest Automotive show IAA in Frankfurt the Range Rover Evoque Si4 LPG version was shown with the Prins Direct LiquiMax-2.0.”

The VSI-2.0 system is an update of the popular Prins VSI system that is on the market for more than 10 years now. The VSI-2.0-DI LPG system is suitable for LPG (Autogas) in cars with a Direct Injection (DI) engine. Following the strict regulations and safety standards, Prins made the system easy to install. With the updated diagnostic software, the system can be optimized for the best performance and emission reduction.

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