Prins will participate in the Rally of Monte Carlo with new Direct LiquiMax system

The A.C.M. introduces the 5th Rally of Monte Carlo for alternative fuels, which will take place between the 31st of March and the 3rd of April. The 2011 edition promises to be as big as the will of the 120 competitors. Prins Autogassystems is one of these competitors and we will introduce our new Direct LiquiMax system installed on a BMW X6. We therefore will represent the fuel LPG.

The audience will enjoy a rally which offers a show leading to the car’s future, but still keeping the Monegasque authenticity.

This Rally for alternative fuels is, for reminder, the one and only heat on route in Europe nowadays. That’s why the program is on its image thanks to 3 legs:

- A concentration leg with 3 towns of start: Lugano, Clermont-Ferrand and Annecy Le Vieux;
- a common leg;
- a final leg.

The audience will explore the technical abilities of these non pollutant cars and of their drivers during a handiness and speed leg on the port of Monaco, Sunday the 3rd. This last event will comfort the specialists, the followers, or simply the audience, that this rally has its place among the car events which can’t be missed.