New R-115 certificates!

For the European market Prins has obtained several new R-115 certifications.

The R-115 is a European retrofit directive for LPG and CNG systems. This directive stipulates the emission, documentation and quality standards to be met by the manufacturer of the LPG/CNG system. For each car make or car make series, vehicles have to be tested in a certified laboratory.

The below car types from Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge are new in the portfolio of Prins R-115 certificates and are available from now on.




PT Cruiser 1.6

Patriot 2.4

Caliber 1.8

PT Cruiser 2.0

Caliber 2.0

PT Cruiser 2.4

Cherokee 3.7

Journey 2.4

Sebring 2.0

Grand Cherokee 4.0

Journey 2.7

Sebring 2.4

Grand Cherokee 4.7

Sebring 2.7

Grand Cherokee 5.7

Nitro 3.7

300M 2.7

Wrangler 4.0

300C 2.7

Commander 4.7

300C 3.5

300C 5.7

Voyager 2.4

Voyager 3.3

Grand Voyager 3.8

Prins VSI-LPG system installed on a Chrysler 300C 3.5

Besides the new car brands and types mentioned above, Prins has already R-115 sets available for different types of the following car brands.

- Audi
- Cadillac
- Hyundai
- Kia
- Lada
- Lexus
- Mercedes
- Nissan
- Opel
- Seat
- Skoda
- Toyota
- Volkswagen

For more information please contact your official Prins country importer.