Press release Prins Autogassystems B.V.

NPM Capital and Management to acquire Prins Autogassystemen

Amsterdam/Eindhoven, the Netherlands - NPM Capital and the company's management have acquired the Eindhoven-based Prins Autogassystemen B.V. from the British company EEC Holdings Ltd. With NPM Capital as the majority shareholder (80%), the company is looking to continue its expansion as a worldwide provider of sophisticated alternative fuel systems. The rapidly growing company, whose clients include car manufacturers, importers, dealers and fleet owners, is already exporting to 43 countries, and has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 30 million.

Prins Autogassystemen is a leading developer of high-quality alternative fuel systems, whose mission is to develop systems that meet the highest quality standards and reduce the emission of hazardous substances as much as possible. A dedicated team of around 35 employees is committed to achieving this, in close partnership with the Japanese company Keihin, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fuel systems. In addition, the company outsources a number of activities to external experts. While Prins Autogassystemen focuses mainly on the development of software, Keihin’s area of expertise is hardware development.

Bart van Aerle, Managing Director of Prins Autogassystemen, commenting on the transaction: “With NPM Capital as our partner, we’re entering a new phase as a company. It is important to us is that this shareholder has an excellent reputation as well as being a solid long-term financial partner. NPM has stated its intention to support our international growth strategy through its contacts and expertise.”

Jan Willem Baud, Chairman of NPM Capital, added: “The acquisition of Prins Autogassystemen is in line with our strategy of focusing primarily on Dutch companies that are leaders in a particular niche market and are headed by ambitious managers. What particularly appeals to us about this company is that its systems are helping to reduce harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide. So in that sense, this acquisition can be considered a ‘green’ investment.”

For more information, please contact:

Prins Autogassystemen / Bart van Aerle: + 31 40 254 77 00
NPM Capital / Jan Willem Baud: +31 20 570 55 55