Prins importer Autogas Ireland one of the initiators

Prins importer Autogas Ireland is one of the initiators of, a group of installers in Ireland that is aiming toward a common goal. Ensuring that the workmanship and equipment provided to customers surpass both local and EU requirements of quality and safety.

Peace of mind and lower running costs run hand in hand with

LPG autogas is the way forward for the Irish transport market as it allows the driver an opportunity to use an Alternative Low Carbon Transport Fuel without the worry of range anxiety.
Many governments and cities in the EU are waking up to the knowledge that diesel engines are filling the air with Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). Both public health and mortality rates are affected by these pollutants and LPG provides an affordable, cleaner alternative. Network has currently 6 certified garages across Ireland.

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