Direct Injection solutions focus for Prins at GasShow Warsaw Poland

Eindhoven - January 2014. Prins known for its high-end alternative fuel systems will demonstrate its latest innovations on Direct Injection technologies at GasShow Warsaw Poland on 5 and 6 March 2014. The updated versions of Direct LiquiMax (DLM-2.0) and VSI-2.0 DI show that LPG systems have evolved in an even more environmental friendly solution. Performance and drivability are important elements that Prins took into account.

Bart van Aerle, CEO Prins Autogassystemen B.V.: “Amazing to see what LPG can contribute to lowering emissions of CO2 and particles. Especially with Direct Injections engines we see great results in lowering the emissions of particles. At the show we will demonstrate what we already achieved in this field”.

Next to the DI LPG solutions for cars, Prins also will demonstrate its updated VSI-2.0 LPG, VSI-2.0 CNG and Dieselblend-2.0 solutions. Prins Dieselblend solutions are suitable for heavy duty vehicles that can drive on LPG, CNG or on LNG. With the feedback from customers worldwide and extensive field research, Prins updated its systems for maximum results on performance and reliability.

Prins has its booth J1 (72M2) in hall 1 of the Warsaw International Expo Centre XXI.
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