Prins award winner for Direct LiquiMax system at GasShow 2012

At the gala evening of the GasShow 2012 Prins Alternative Fuel systems received the Best product award for its newest Direct LiquiMax system in the category Automotive LPG/CNG systems. “We are very proud of winning this award for our innovative product as it shows our commitment to the market and to the industry”, says Angelique Berden, Marketing manager Prins.

With the latest engine developments for petrol cars using direct fuel injection, new innovations are needed to benefit from the lower fuel cost of LPG and reduction in emission, like CO2 and particles. The Direct LiquiMax system for bi-fuel and mono-fuel LPG operation easily complies with the current EURO-5 emission standard and even with the future EURO-6. Prins Alternative Fuel Systems has developed Direct LiquiMax for drivers to get those benefits without losing drivability and performance, enabling you to directly start on LPG.