Prins supports Exceptional Energy concept

The companies and associations who are authorized to use the Exceptional Energy logo have one thing in common. They are all members of recognized industry bodies that, together, make up the voice of the LPG industry in Europe. Also Prins is one of them.

You will start to see the Exceptional Energy logo appearing alongside some of the world’s most famous energy brands. Whether it appears on an advertisement, brochure, website or even items of clothing, you will know that behind it is one of Europe’s most important energy sectors. One thing is sure; you will be seeing a lot more of this logo in all sorts of places around Europe.

There is also a website which features many of the reasons why we can call LPG an exceptional energy, but to enable consumers to enjoy these benefits we also need an exceptional industry to deliver that promise. We believe the European LPG industry is just that.

Check out the website for more information: