Supercar smile!

Fuel prices are romping up again, and never mind whose fault it is, the users carry the can. And if you’re a big user, whether through mileage or your vehicle’s consumption, it hurts more when petrol’s topping £1 a litre and rising. But there is an answer – a conversion to liquid petroleum gas or LPG, which is a half the cost of petrol, gives virtually identical performance but will cut tour fuel bill by about 40 per cent. Better still it’s greener than petrol or diesel, with lower emissions and far fewer particulates.

It’s a proven boon for the likes of motorhomes and commercial vehicles, and catching on fast with a growing number of car owners. Conversion costs from around £1,500 plus VAT for a four-cylinder car, rising to around £4,500 all-in for a bespoke conversion of a 12-cylinder twin turbo 6.0 litre Bentley Continental GT, a 200mph supercar, as pictured.

Prins VSI-LPG system installed on the Bentley 6.0 litre Twin Turbo engine

A market leader for the conversions is Southampton-based Prins Autogas UK at West Quay which supplies the conversion equipment and trains technicians for a nationwide network of installers who usually take three or four days to carry out the conversion, with the installation of safety-tested LPG tank – often fitted in the spare wheel well – which enhances the car’s range. The car starts on petrol and automatically switches to LPG after a couple of minutes. Run out of gas and it automatically switches back to petrol with just a bleep to inform you – you wouldn’t know otherwise and there’s certainly no noticeable reduction in performance.

Due to the high quality of the system Prins Autogas UK are working with manufacturers to develop factory-fit LPG systems and also develop congestion charge exempt vehicles in their own emissions lab in Southampton.

The company also offers finance on its conversions with £300 deposit and monthly repayments that can match your fuel bill saving.

Source: Daily Echo

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