Team AON to revolutionise British Motorsport with Prins Autogas powered touring car

British motorsport is set to undergo a revolution this year with the introduction of Autogas powered cars to compete in the Dunlop 2010 MSA British Touring Car Championship. In a six figure sponsorship deal, Team AON’s star racers, Tom Onslow-Cole and Tom Chilton, will take the wheel of new Ford Focus STs powered by a specially designed Prins Liquid LPG system on a Mountune built Duratec 2.0 engine. The LPG component parts, adapted from the soon to be released Prins LI conversion kit, have been hand built for the project by Prins Autogassystemen B.V. of Holland.

With the season launch on Tuesday 23 March, the test cars put in an impressive performance on the Spanish and UK test tracks with LPG technology consistently delivering performance on par with petrol and the added bonus of considerably lower base petrol emissions – making Team AON the greenest team on the track.

Chris Taylor, Autogas Development Manager at Calor said: “The launch of the first competitive LPG car specially developed to suit a motorsport environment is testament to the hard work that has gone into improving performance for Autogas vehicles. We’ve been delighted with how it’s worked on the test track and we’re very much looking forward to watching both drivers in action during the new season. In a climate where motorsports is under intense scrutiny for its contribution to carbon emissions it’s never been a better time to show how LPG, as greener alternative fuel, can help to power the sport with a reduced environmental footprint. And the best thing is – similar technology can be applied to nearly all petrol vehicles – on and off the track.”

Tom Onslow-Cole, Team Aon driver, added: “I can’t wait to take the new car out and see what it can do in a competitive environment. We already know that LPG is a more environmentally friendly fuel than petrol, so if it also proves to be a race winner I’m sure I’ll be driving a car powered by the fuel of the future for British motorsport.”

The new Ford Focus ST, powered by a specially designed Prins Liquid LPG system on a Mountune built Duratec 2.0 engine in action on the racetrack.