Versatile Prins VSI Autogas System Benefits Fleets

Feb 21 2012 - For fleets thinking about switching to an alternative fuel, propane autogas is an affordable solution in more ways than one.

Alliance AutoGas fleet customer Mountain Mobility is praising the cost-effective versatility of the bi-fuel Prins Vapor Sequential Injection (VSI) system. Unlike many liquid systems on the market today, the Prins vapor system is transferable from one vehicle to another.

Mountain Mobility is not only saving thousands on fuel costs by running on autogas, they have been able to easily transfer the autogas systems from vehicles that have seen better days to new ones, with hardly any down time.

Operations Manager Bob Somerville had this to say about Mountain Mobility’s recent “re-conversions”:

“The process of transferring two of our autogas vehicle systems was smooth, easy and efficient,” says Somerville. “There was no problem removing the systems and installing them on new vehicles, and they were back up and running so fast, we didn’t skip a beat in terms of service to the community. Our drivers really prefer the propane vehicles, in large part because of the convenient on-site fueling station provided by Alliance.”

Visit the Alliance AutoGas site to find out more about the unique Prins VSI autogas system, and read about other fleets driving clean and cutting costs with propane vehicles.