Holiday season is coming!

Are you planning to go on a vacation or take a long trip by car? You could contribute to a cleaner environment, and reduce your fuel costs by switching to Autogas (LPG).

Why should you invest in an LPG-system?
If you make this valuable investment, you will experience multiple advantages such as a reduction of the fuel costs and emissions such as CO2, particles and NOx. Thanks to the lower fuel price of LPG, you are able to save some money for other activities or investments. The price of LPG differs per country from €0,31 (Russia) per liter to €0,88 (Switzerland) per liter. Check out the list below for all prices per country. Note that this is the suggested retail price, so often the actual price is even lower than mentioned in the table.

Next to the benefit of low fuel costs, you are also taking care of the environment by driving on LPG. LPG is a greener & cleaner fuel compared to other fuels such as petrol or diesel. Compared to petrol, LPG CO2 emissions are up to 21% lower, particles by up to 95% and NOx by up to 65%.

Almost any petrol car is able to be converted to LPG. By switching to LPG, an LPG tank is placed in your car. However, you won’t lose storage boot, since the tank is (almost always) installed on the spare wheel compartment. In addition to the LPG tank, a couple other compact components are added under the hood. The Prins LED-switch on the dashboard gives the possibility to switch from LPG to petrol again. This LED-switch also indicates the fuel level.

The refueling infrastructure is great with 35.000 LPG-stations in Europe. Plan your trip here to make sure you pass the right gas stations. Some countries do use another filling adapter. Check which adapter you need to reach your destination on LPG!

If you have any questions, please ask via or contact your local Prins dealer.