Prins Autogassystemen BV present @Mondial de l’Automobile at stand CFBP

Paris - During the show of Mondial de l’Automobile 2012 in Paris (29 Sept-14 Oct), the French corporation for Butane and Propane (CFBP) is presenting the benefits of driving on autogas (LPG). Worldwide the interest is growing for driving on this alternative fuel. Especially with the new techniques and developments in the industry. Prins Autogassystemen has provided the Toyota Aygo with VSI LPG system.

The VSI system is based on Vapor Sequential Injection that is developed by Prins. The universal system is applicable on engines with multipoint injection . Recently Prins has introduced its Direct LiquiMax system at the Auotmomechanika in Frankfurt. It won 2 awards for Innovation and sustainability. That system is based on Direct injection for liquid petroleum gas.