LPG Motor yacht with solar panels for an eco-friendly navigation

The way of gas as a fuel continues to be on the run in the boat sector. CVO Technologies of Treviso (www.gasdoctor.eu), an exclusive importer for Italy of Prins Autogassystemen gas kits, in occasion of Sea Show of Venice and the Nautical Show of Jesolo have presented a motor yacht Bayliner 305 Ciera Sunbridge (2x V8 5.0cc Mercruiser engines, developing 260 HP each) converted to LPG.

An international innovation declared the CVO general manager Chris Van Oevelen during the meeting supported at the Sea Show – that links to LPG, an ecological fuel, the possibility to live on a boat producing zero CO2 emissions. There are no limits of power or displacement; we have already converted several engines. Here we exhibit also those developing 40/60 and 115 Hp. Our conversion respects the UNI EN15609 normative. The aim is to improve environmental impact reducing pollution and costs.

Converting a car offers people to save 35% in terms of money for fuel while CO2 emissions drop by 15%. Benzene, xylene, toluene, naphthalene (venomous for oysters and mussels) and other aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons have been eliminated.

A 2.4–4.8 kW/day photovoltaic kit, together with a 600A set of batteries with a 3kVA inverter complete the ecological equipment of the boat. The system permits to develop independent and green electric power even with the engine switched off and without sockets in wharf such as, for example, in berth anchorage.

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