Prins CEO Bart van Aerle speaker at the Global Autogas Summit in Miami on October 30, 2014.

27 October 2014 - During the 27th World LP Gas Forum in Miami Florida, Bart van Aerle, CEO Prins Autogassystemen will speak about the latest news on LP Gas systems for Direct Injection (DI) technology in cars. Prins recently has developed two types of systems one based on fluid direct injection (Direct LiquiMax-2.0) and one based on vapor direct injection (VSI-2.0 DI). With those two technologies Prins can convert any car with a DI engine on LPGas. 

Bart van Aerle: “Car manufacturers are downsizing engines to limit CO2 emissions, but actually now these DI engines produce much more particle emissions that can lead to cancer. As LPG is a much cleaner fuel, we can lower CO2 emissions with up to 15% and particles emissions with even up to 98% compared to petrol. With our new technologies drivers can save the environment and fuel costs drastically. Cars then start immediately on LPG and hardly use any petrol. This is quite an achievement compared to other competitor products. Both products have been awarded recently. DI is the future, so it is important that the DI LPG technology will be adopted by the car industry. Only then the benefits of driving on LPG will be fully utilized. And the upcoming Biopropane will only confirm LPG is the sustainable fuel of the future.”

At the World LP Gas Forum Prins will discuss the technology but also the commercial focus. As the car manufacturers produce “world engines” it is easier for Prins to test its products worldwide and share experience with the industry. “It took years of designing and testing before the products were mature enough to enter the market. But now we are ready for mass production with a list of more than 200 certified DI applications,” says Van Aerle.

Van Aerle will speak on October 30 on 2pm to peers in the LPG industry at the Global Autogas Summit, Intercontinental Hotel Miami. The systems will be displayed at Prins’ partner Alliance Autogas’ booth 110. More information on the event:

On October 29th Prins will be awarded the 2014 WLPGA Innovation award for its Prins Dieselblend-2.0 technology, presented during the Global Technology Conference 2013 in London (UK).