Prins Direct Liqui Max system introduction in Turkey was great success

Last week on a great Autoshow in Istanbul, Turkey the new Direct Liqui Max system is introduced to the market. The happening took place on the stand of Ipragaz, the official distributor of Prins products in Turkey.

The system can be used on (Lean-burn) Direct Injection engines. Direct Injection means that the fuel is injected under high pressure [20-200 bar] directly into the cylinder instead of injecting the fuel into the manifold (port injection). This allows for controlling combustion and emissions much more precisely. The use of LPG as an alternative fuel on DI engines could significantly enhance the DI technology benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and lower emissions especially in regards to CO2 and particles reductions.

On the exhibition stand was a Porsche Cayenne with a 4.8 liter V8 Direct Injection engine displayed. Below you will find some pictures of the stand.