Champagne’s Energy to Provide Maine Fleets with Clean Fuel and Vehicle Conversions as New Alliance AutoGas Partner

PORTLAND, Maine – Champagne’s Energy, Inc. is helping Maine’s fleets drive clean with budget-friendly propane autogas vehicle conversions and fueling. As a new Alliance AutoGas partner, Champagne’s Energy is now an integral part of America’s only complete program to shift fleets from gasoline to clean-burning, affordable autogas.

“We are thrilled to join Alliance AutoGas to help New England fleets transition to the most viable alternative fuel on the market,” says Champagne’s Energy Business Manager Dave Marcotte. “Fleet managers can come to us for autogas vehicle conversions and fuel supply, and we’ll install an on-site autogas station at their home base. The Alliance AutoGas complete program goes hand-in-hand with our mission to provide the best possible service at the best possible price.”

Running on autogas allows fleets to save money while driving cleaner. Autogas is an average of $1.25 less per gallon than gasoline and produces at least 20 percent fewer harmful pollutants. Autogas-powered vehicles maintain comparable performance and range to gasoline vehicles; and because autogas is a clean-burning fuel, vehicles typically require less maintenance. The EPA-certified autogas conversions utilize the bi-fuel Prins VSI system from American Alternative Fuel.

Not only is autogas environmentally friendly and cost-effective, running fleets on this American-made fuel ultimately helps enhance U.S. energy security.

“Because 90 percent of our nation’s autogas supply is domestically produced, shifting fleets to autogas is an investment in our energy future,” says Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie. “Champagne’s Energy is a welcome addition to the growing network of Alliance partners making autogas fueling and vehicle conversions more accessible to American fleets.”

Source: MSM Communications