Prins shows latest DI developments on Alternative Fuel systems at Automechanika 2014 Germany – Hall 10, C35

July 2014 - Prins Autogassystemen BV, the world leader in Alternative Fuel systems, will show its latest developments at Automechanika from 16-20 September in Frankfurt, Germany in hall 10- stand C35. Prins has updated the Automechanika award winning system for Direct Injection (DI) engines for LPG, based on a liquid technology (Prins Direct LiquiMax-2.0) and also shows its latest developments based on a vapor technology (Prins VSI-2.0 DI LPG/CNG). Most new introduced vehicles in the various markets today have a DI engine so with these technologies there is always a best solution available. With its LPG and CNG applications for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles and its LNG applications for heavy duty vehicles, Prins is offering a complete range of alternative fuel systems.

Prins DI solutions in Hyundai and Kia
The Prins Direct LiquiMax-2.0 LPG system is Hyundai and Kia Germany ‘s choice for their newly developed models based on Direct Injection. The system is available for various Hyundai and Kia models: from compact car up till SUV. Drivers can save fuel costs but also lower emissions like CO2 and particles (PM and PN) considerably without losing performance and drivability.

Prins VSI-2.0 DI CNG system a solution similar to that of for example Audi G-Tron
This system is a Bi-fuel, vapor CNG system for petrol engines with Direct Injection. As (bio) CNG is a clean alternative fuel this system is developed for light and medium duty vehicles all over the world. Especially CO2 emission reduction is considerable with this system and therefore widely requested. In countries where the CNG infrastructure is not mature, a fall back option to petrol is in place.

Prins Dieselblend-2.0 for LPG, CNG or LNG up to Euro 6
For the medium and heavy duty vehicles Prins developed its Dieselblend-2.0 technology. This Dual Fuel system replaces an amount of diesel for LPG, CNG or LNG making it possible for even up to Euro 6 engines to benefit the CO2 emission reduction that the fuels offer compared to diesel. Besides this there is always a fall back option to diesel when circumstances require. Prins won the 2014 WLPGA Innovation award for this technology at the Global Technology Conference. Reliability, sustainability and cost reductions are important drivers for customers to use this technology. Prins has dedicated engineers and a wide network of service points across the world.

Prins is demonstrating its R&D capabilities by the extensive list of innovations and applications.

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About Prins Autogassystemen BV
The Dutch company is developing alternative fuel systems for almost 30 years. Winning the Innovation award and the Green Directory award of Automechanika in 2012 as well as the GasShow Inpro award in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and the sustainability award in 2013 and 2014, the company shows it has a strong focus on Innovation and sustainability. As a group company of SHV Energy Prins has a customer base in more than 50 countries worldwide. It has acquired a reputation of excellence for providing its OEM, Country Importers and after market customers with cost-effective and innovative solutions for the wide range of engine types available on the market today. More information is available at: